February 26, 2024

Modified Rules for Kyle Larson

Prior to every race, NASCAR conducts a mandatory drivers meeting where officials review essential protocols and communicate any updates or changes.

Failure to attend the drivers meeting results in a penalty for the driver, necessitating the forfeiture of their designated starting position and forcing them to commence the race from the rear of the field.

In the upcoming 2024 season, Kyle Larson is gearing up for a remarkable feat by participating in both the Indy 500, located in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the Coca-Cola 600, held in Charlotte, North Carolina. These races are recognized as the lengthiest events in their respective series, presenting Larson with a challenging schedule and a tight time frame between the two.

Given the demanding logistics of competing in both races on the same day, it is highly likely that Larson may miss the drivers meeting for NASCAR’s event. Historically, only a select few drivers have attempted the doubleheader, racing in both events on the same day. All of them, upon missing the drivers’ meeting, found themselves starting from the rear of the field in the subsequent NASCAR race.

Among the notable drivers who have taken on this double challenge in the past are John Andretti, Robby Gordon, Tony Stewart, and Kurt Busch.

However, NASCAR has chosen to grant Kyle Larson an exception for the 2024 season. This leniency is particularly significant for Larson because starting from the rear in 2024 carries more substantial implications due to the allocation of stage points. Unlike previous seasons, where points were primarily awarded at the race’s conclusion, in 2024, points are earned throughout the race, making starting position even more crucial.

Tony Stewart stands out as a remarkable example of a driver who successfully completed “The Double” in 1999 and repeated the feat in 2001. Among the four drivers who have dared to tackle both races, Stewart is the sole individual who managed to finish both events. In 2001, he set a remarkable benchmark, securing a sixth-place finish in Indianapolis and a third-place finish in Charlotte.

In his inaugural Indycar Series start, Kyle Larson will take the wheel for Arrow McLaren in the Indy 500, marking an exciting milestone in his racing career.