Hamilton Triumphant for Record 6th British GP

Being the home of the very first Grand Prix in Formula 1 history, Silverstone carries presteige like no other track. The 3.19 mile circuit was resurfaced in June, leaving the ashphalt with more grip and creating conditions for more exciting racing. With the threat of rain in the air, drivers took to the track for round 10 of the 2019 season in front of roughly 141,000 fans in attendance.

LAP 1: Valterri Bottas led from pole position when the lights went out. The Finnish driver achieved the P1 starting spot by beating Mercedes teammate Lewis Hamilton by just 6 milliseconds in qualifying. Hamliton attempted the get around Bottas on the outside, but was blocked into Turn 2.

LAP 4: In a heated battle for the lead, Hamilton powered past Bottas on the outside, much to the fans’ delight. Bottas retaliated with a cross over and reclaimed P1. The two Silver Arrows went wheel to wheel before Hamilton eventually surrended.

LAP 10: Both the Haas cars of Romain Grosjean and Kevin Magnussen headed to the garage and retired from the race. The drivers had been struggling with damage that they picked up after make contact on the first lap of the grand prix.

LAP 17: Bottas pitted from the lead, taking medium compound tires and committed himself to a 2-stop strategy, while Hamilton took over the lead.

SAFETY CAR – LAP 20: Alfa Romeo driver Antonio Giovinazzi experienced understeer and had the back end step out. Giovinazzi slid sideways and got stuck in the gravel trap at the run-off of the turn. The yellow flag allowed Hamilton to pit without losing any track position.

LAP 25: Hamilton continued to lead while the Ferraris and the Red Bulls went at each other. An intense, multi-lap battle took place for 3rd place between Charles Leclerc, Sebastian Vettel, Pierre Gasly, and Max Verstappen, with Leclerc and Verstappen being the highlight due to their wheel to wheel bumping, cross overs, and late-breaking.

LAP 38: Max Verstappen got past Ferrari’s Sebastian Vettel for 4th place. Vettel challenged to regain the position but misjudged Verstappen’s braking and ran into the back of him. Both drivers went sliding off the track, with Verstappen’s Aston Martin Red Bull going airbourne for a brief moment.

Vettel had to pit for a new front wing and received a 10-second time penalty from the FIA Stewards who found him to be at fault for the collision. Verstappen, on the other hand, somehow carried on in fifth place with a damaged floorboard and without the help of power steering.

LAP 44: The #27 Reanult of Nico Hulkenburg experienced a brief mechanical issue when he slowed on the Hanger Straight. Hulkenburg got up to speed again, but only after he slipped back to 11th place after running 9th.

LAP 46: Valtteri Bottas finally made his second pit stop, although it was much too late to be able to challenge Hamilton for the win. The stop put the Fin 22.98 seconds behind Hamilton with just five laps to go.

CHECKERED – LAP 52: Lewis Hamilton crossed the line to win a very historic British Grand Prix as he is the first driver ever to win 6 Grand Prixs at Silverstone, his home track. This was Hamilton’s 7th victory of the season.


  1. Lewis Hamilton
  2. Valtteri Bottas
  3. Charles Leclerc
  4. Pierre Gasly
  5. Max Verstappen
  6. Carlos Sainz
  7. Daniel Ricciardo
  8. Kimi Raikkonen
  9. Daniil Kvyat
  10. Nico Hulkenburg
  11. Lando Norris
  12. Alex Albon
  13. Lance Stroll
  14. George Russel
  15. Robert Kubica
  16. Sebastian Vettel
  17. Sergio Perez
  18. Antonio Giovinazzi
  19. Romain Grosjean
  20. Kevin Magnussen

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