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Canadian Tire Motorsport Park offers a variety of ways for you to drive on their racing circuits in supervised lapping or driver training sessions. Track days are organized and managed by several different service providers, for both cars and motorcycles, with packages to suit most high-performance driver needs and desires.

You can drive on the challenging, world-renowned, 3.957-km (2.459-mi.) circuit where legends of motorsport have raced: Stirling Moss, Jackie Stewart, Bruce McLaren, Mario Andretti, AJ Foyt, Richard Petty, Yvon Duhamel, and Gilles Villeneuve, to name just a few.  So go ahead, live your dream, check one off the bucket list.

Here are some of the organizations that will help you to spend the day on the track:

6th Gear

Track-day attendees created 6th Gear’s event format, based on their ideas for the best possible track day experience, and CTMP would love to share that with you. You can enjoy the informal atmosphere and all the fun of a truly professionally run track day, leaving the pressures of the outside world behind at the gate. CTMP’s biggest focus is on safe and enjoyable high-performance driving, on an iconic, challenging, and truly magnificent Canadian track, where legends of motorsport have raced: Stirling Moss, Jackie Stewart, Bruce McLaren, Mario Andretti, AJ Foyt, Richard Petty and Gilles Villeneuve, to name a few. Enjoy the track-day experience that has made the program so successful; it will make you want to return to the track time and again.

Each day includes the following:

  • SEVEN HOURS of open lapping (no sessions) for serious driving enthusiasts.
  • The best track day food outside Italy!
  • Relaxed, fun and family-friendly atmosphere.

Please contact for further information or to book the service.

Apex Driver Training

Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned veteran, the goal is to help you become a better driver while having a great time doing it! The Apex organization offers a safe and highly comprehensive single day of advanced driver training, delivered through one-on-one experiences at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.  Driving a high-performance car can be exhilarating, and Apex aims to give you a better understanding of your vehicle’s potential, in a manner that emphasizes safety.

For more information please contact:
Website: is a 1-stop driving entertainment corporation providing individuals and groups with regularly scheduled driver education and track days at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park.
This provides the foundation for the range of integrated and complimentary driving resources offered including driver instruction, onsite rental cars, arrive and drive racing, driving road trips and knowledgeable auto sport consulting to meet all of your driving requirements in one place.

If you are new to this awesome activity, CTMP specializes in making it easy for you.  They are also pleased to provide a professional and customizable structure for private, corporate & charitable events for newcomers to professionals.  They developed systems and a range of products to take you from A to Z at a level suited to meet your objectives while actively pursuing a brand image that is professional, safe, responsive, fun and educational.  CTMP seeks to partner with the best support services and we invite you to give us the opportunity to serve you better and experience the DriveTeq Difference.

For more details, please visit the website, contact them via email or or call (416) 809-6803.  Alternatively, you can get a sense of our company on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube & Twitter.  #wegetitdone #wehavefun

Engineered Automotive

Have you have ever wondered what it would be like to push your vehicle to its limit, on a pro-level race track, in a safe and friendly environment? If you have, then get behind the wheel at one of our EA Track Days at Canadian Tire Motorsport Park. Throughout the spring and summer seasons, Engineered Automotive offers drivers the chance for the thrill of a take-it-to-the-limit race track experience. We keep our car counts low to ensure premium track time, and sort cars only by street and race classes, ensuring a safe and enjoyable outing regardless of vehicle setup.  Our events at CTMP are open to everyone.

For more information please contact:

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